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After - School Art 


Spring session:

Printmaking with passion

 Join Smart with Art as we learn a variety of printmaking techniques. From mono printing  note cards to abstracted art incorporating collagraphs. Learn new techniques and expand your artistic skills as we discover all printmaking has to offer! 

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Previous Class Offerings: 

Visual Arts

Fall 2019: The Wonders of Watercolors:
Join Smart with Art as we learn brush techniques, working with liquid and
solid watercolors, working with a wash as well as developing and exploring
our creativity within! We will look Monet and his blending techniques, discover the ancient Chinese
lantern designs, discover Edward Hopper and his infatuation with lighthouse as well as design and
paint a colorful parrot. As skills build, artists will explore all that watercolor has to offer in this exciting
after school program.

miro watercolor fall 2019.jpg

Total Art Experience- Spring 2019


Don’t miss out on our Total Art Experience this SPRING.  Smart with Art has all new multi medium experiences every session, with both two and three-dimensional art.  This session experiment with materials such as clay, watercolors, metal tooling, acrylic, chalk/oil pastels and more!  Each lesson explores principles and elements of design, art history, and culture, providing each child with the knowledge and skills they need to unleash his or her creativity.  Students will unleash their imaginations to turn their ideas into beautiful works of art. 
Our session includes a sketchbook and concludes with an enriching art show. Dress for mess and join Smart with Art this session for creativity and fun!

Discover with Drawing
Spring 2018

Discover  the power of observation, and how that can inform, improve, and elevate your drawing skills.  Throughout the course, students will engage in various drawing exercises.  In that moment, the exercises may seem simple, or you may not understand how it relates to learning how to draw, but we promise if you stick with it, more will be revealed as the weeks unfold.  Also, we ask you to set aside what you may have learned about drawing up to this point.  That knowledge may come in handy later, but try to approach this course fresh as if you have never drawn anything before.

Who is ready to join us on this fun, mysterious journey into drawing and design?

Sketchbook included, class culminates with art show. Dress for Mess!

Discover with Drawing
Imagine with Fashion
Spring 2018
Imagine With Fashion

Join us as we explore the creative world of Fashion Illustration! Students will receive a sketchbook to use daily while learning how to draw clothing illustrations from head to toe.


We will focus on famous fashion designers to inspire our work and push our imagination while exploring watercolors, chalk pastels and mixed media projects.  And, as always, Dress for Mess!

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