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Parents and students:

    "Hi Mika,

  I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your team's hard work this summer with Smart for Art. Our experience was a positive one for our son Bram. Kara and Eric followed through with all our requests and regularly gave us positive comments on Bram's daily activities, and Bram was greeted each morning by name. It is refreshing to see young adults take pride and sincerity in their work. Daniel had such a challenging job each morning and afternoon at the crosswalk- but always took it seriously and greeted us with a friendly "have a nice day" both coming and going.

We will definitely be back next summer and will have positive comments about your program to our friends and neighbors- enjoy the rest of the summer!"


   Jennifer and Ken Coll (Parent- Summer Camp Program)

    "I also want to take this moment to tell you how much Elsa LOVES your class. Our family looks forward to the treasures that she brings home from your class. Elsa goes into lengthy explanations of what she learned and was trying to project. Money and time very well spent. I know you have taught this class for a while and my girls have done the holiday art with you. The projects that they've brought home have special display areas so we can enjoy them for years to come."

~Thank you for all your help,

    Inga-Lisa Anneberg (Parent-After School Program)

   "So I just had to share, Libby's daddy was impressed by her valentine that she made that he found a place to hang it above the fireplace:) Thank you SO much for making art so much fun for her. She looks forward to her Smart with Art class every Friday, she is thriving and really growing in her skills and I am seeing her talent really take off. We love your program and are so thankful!"

~Have a great weekend!



"We have worked with Smart with Art for the past three years. Our students, faculty and parents love working with Nathalie. Students look forward to art class because it is fun and they feel successful. They love working with different mediums and learning about artistic trends and famous artists. As an administrator, I appreciate the facility of working with Smart with Art. They are easy to communicate with and ensure the best teaching and student-centered lessons. I highly recommend Smart with Art for any school program."

~ Larkin Temme, Principal, Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School

"I have been extremely pleased with the two ways we have incorporated Smart with Art into St. Louise School this school year. Our Smart with Art instructor, Mika, has joined as a seamless addition to our teaching faculty. Her positive attitude is appreciated, and her lessons are very engaging for the students.

Our students also greatly enjoy the after-school Smart with Art sessions. They always fill up due to their popularity, and parents value having this easy opportunity for enrichment for their kids.

I look forward to our continued collaboration with Smart with Art!"


   Dan Fitzpatrick Principal




"Smart with Art is a safe, fun, organized after school program that enhances a child's sense of creativity, skill building, technique and history. As an art educator, I am so excited to be a part of this enthusiastic team!"

~(Smart with Art-Educator)


"As an art educator, I appreciate the wide variety of subjects and mediums offered. The lessons provide the elements and principles of art in new and interesting ways."

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