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Our mission statement is, "to put art in as many hands as possible."

To that end, the owner, Amy, supports her community, many schools, school foundations, and other private organizations which also are aligned with her mission to serve with an open heart and help enhance the lives of our fellow human beings - especially children.

Additionally, Smart with Art provides many scholarships to students whose families are enduring economic hardships.

Each year, we dedicate at least 5% of our revenue toward these charitable goals.  Here is just a glimpse of the various organizations we have supported:

  • Art with Heart

  • Bellevue Schools Foundation

  • Children's Hospital

  • City of Oso, WA

  • Encompass

  • Girl Scouts of America

  • PAVE (benefiting local military families)

  • Snoqualmie Schools Foundation

  • The Sophia Way

  • University of Washington's Health Clinic in Vietnam

In addition Smart with Art has provided:

  • PTSA  auctions donations

  • Individual scholarships 

If you are interested in having Smart with Art support your organization, please fill out our contact form on our website here. 


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