LIVE Online Art Classes and Workshops:

Paint Your Pet

Grab a photo of your furry friend and join us for an interactive live acrylic painting session. Learn how to use a grid system to create a successful painting. All supplies will be included and delivered.

Ages 7 and up

$29.00, June 23 & 30


Art Video Lessons

About Enrichment Classes:

Smart with Art offers award-winning enrichment classes that are tailored to meet the needs of schools, parent/teacher organizations, and K-12 students.  Our art curriculum is designed to exceed both state and national art standards. Each lesson includes a visual presentation, a lesson plan for our instructors, parent communication letters emailed weekly, and an informational description attached to each piece of art created. All of our visual art projects are matted and framed in a professional format. Each session we offer new themes and a variety of elective classes to choose from. High-quality art materials are utilized in every session. All Smart with Art classes concludes with an art show experience where parents and family members are invited.


Our enrichment classes are broken down into sessions (Fall, Winter, and Spring).  Many schools and enrichment coordinators love the ability to schedule an entire year’s worth of programming at one time.  Each session we offer new themes and a variety of elective classes from which to choose. 

Add an Enrichment Art Program to your School!

Not sure you have the time or processes in place to manage an enrichment art program? No problem.  Smart with Art offers many options that work within your current enrichment environment. We can provide a full range of services including scheduling, registration services, payment, rosters, flyers, electronic ads (Facebook, etc.), parent communications and instructor placement. Smart with Art also handles all of the curriculum development, supplies and logistics to make each event successful and less stressful for you and your organization.

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